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It's Finally ChristmasVery, very independent label Tim/Kerr cobbled this record together from their stable of artists, and the overall tone of It's Finally Christmas! (1994) is atonal irreverence. This can be quite grating - it's the kind of mewling irony that wouldn't seem like such a good idea by the end of the nineties. Nevertheless, several diamonds emerge from these lumps of coal (usually the more straightforward numbers), though none could be considered an unqualified classic. The nearest miss is "Little Drummer Boy" from the Dandy Warhols, a pop-psych-drone band who went on to greater things several years later. The best song title, "Shoplifting You Something For Christmas" is, unfortunately, not one of the better tracks.

Albums Albums


  • Ave Maria (Sugarboom)
  • Christmas Dressed In Blue (Iceberg Slim)
  • Christmas Time Is Here (Meg Hentges)
  • Hey Santa (Flaps Down)
  • I'm Mad At The Fatman (Ray & Glover)
  • Little Drummer Boy (Dandy Warhols)
  • Merry Christmas To Me (Swoon 23)
  • Rebel Jesus (Violets)
  • The Grinch (Whirlees)

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